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Let’s face the health challenges together
in Africa !

Who are we?

An association for health risks' prevention

Santé En Entreprise (SEE), founded in January 2011, is an association specialized in promoting health and well-being in the workplace.
Our main mission is to support our partners (companies, communities, insurance companies, and mutual funds) in their preventative health actions.
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The health challenges to be overcome in Africa

HIV / AIDS, viral Hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis, malaria, diabetes and hypertension are diseases considered “avoidable” through prevention, which threaten the working populations' health (complications, disability, death).
In Africa, these diseases are responsible for more than 50% of absenteeism in companies. They lead to an increase in curative expenditure (increase in the health budget), reduce productivity (5 to 10%) and can potentially disrupt the functioning of supply chains.
Deaths / year - HIV / AIDS
Deaths / year - Tuberculosis
Deaths / year - Malaria
Deaths / year - Diabetes
Deaths / year - Hypertension
SEE International

Our actions and solutions

SEE International

Our areas of intervention

As part of a multi-disease screening approach, SEE is working in Africa to raise awareness among employees, their families and surrounding communities
General Manager, Santé En Entreprise (SEE)

Erick Maville

"Fighting against major endemics must not be affected by Covid-19 pandemic !"

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